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Celebrating Assay Office Master’s silver anniversary

05 Oct 2018

A Sheffield Assay Master more akin to marking historical dates and notable national events is celebrating his own 25-year milestone at the Sheffield Assay Office.  

Ashley Carson, the current Assay Master at Sheffield Assay Office, holds the distinction of being both the youngest Assay Master ever appointed and the second longest serving to date.

Ashley joined the Sheffield Assay Office in 1977 straight from school. He progressed his a career from a sampler in the 1970’s to working as a marker, onto a position as a travelling salesman before acquiring his current position as Assay Master in 1993, aged 32.

October now marks his quarter century in the hallmarking business. He said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be marking this historic milestone. I’m still as enthusiastic about my job now as I was 25 years ago and with the average stewardship being just over 18 years I still feel very proud to hold such a prestigious title.

“It’s been such a varied and interesting career and I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing three Jubilee celebrations and commemorative Millennium hallmarks. 

“I also really enjoyed helping to steer the Assay Office through it’s relocation 10 years ago. I think the biggest changes I’ve seen in the industry are technological. This has included everything from silver titration and gold fire assays to non-destructive XRF testing, punch marking to the introduction of laser marking to more advanced computer systems controlling the production planning.

“I’m really looking forward to continuing to uphold the great reputation of hallmarking in Sheffield and to continue to support the trade. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me during my career so far and for celebrating my 25th anniversary with me.”



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