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Long-serving Martyn thrives on his Royal appointment - Meet the Team!

26 Oct 2015

Martyn Brammer

Martyn Brammer is Sheffield Assay Office’s longest-serving member of staff.  He has been an important member of our team here for an amazing 42 years! 

He works as a sampler, which means that his main responsibilities involve testing precious metals, and no-one in our team has more experience or expertise in this field than he does. 

Martyn says that one of the things he enjoys most about working at Sheffield Assay Office is the day-to-day contact with customers. He really likes speaking to people when they bring in their precious metals for testing.  

In his long career at Sheffield Assay Office, Martyn’s proudest moment was when he met the Queen when she visited. This Royal appointment made a big impact on him and he was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Her Majesty.  

When he’s not at work Martyn enjoys going on holiday to Austria, where he loves to relax by walking and taking in the amazing views of the mountains. His ideal holiday destination is Australia, and he hopes to visit the Sydney Opera House one day. 

Apart from holidays, he relaxes by socialising and drinking with his friends which he describes as his guilty pleasure. 

We’re very grateful to Martyn for his hard work, dedication and enthusiasm over so many years and really appreciate his longstanding commitment to Sheffield Assay Office. 

If you would like to find out more about what we do, such as precious metal analysis and jewellery testingyou can email us at or complete the contact form on our website at 

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