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Marking the changes at the Sheffield Assay Office

08 Apr 2007

Changes to legislation affecting the hallmarking of items containing a mixture of precious and non precious metals came into force on April 6th2007. This means that items such as jewellery and watches that are made from a combination of metals such as silver and titanium or gold and stainless steel, can now be hallmarked for the first time.

Sheffield Assay Office has lobbied hard to bring about these changes and was immediately visited by one of its customers, Michael Frampton, Chairman of Sheffield jewellers, H.L Brown & Son Ltd. Mr. Frampton presented an 18 carat Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel Rolex Watch to be assayed and laser hallmarked.

Commenting on the likely impact of the legislation, Sheffield Assay Office Master, Ashley Carson said, "These changes are of particular relevance to designers working with mixed metals and we hope there will now be a greater scope for them to explore more creative designs. These changes will also benefit retailers and consumers alike as a mixed metal hallmark is an endorsement and authentication of content."

Hallmarks will only be given when a UK Assay Office finds that each precious metal in an article meets UK minimum standards of fineness. Unhallmarked articles made before 1950 remain exempt from hallmarking if they meet current minimum purity requirements.

Michael Frampton Chairman of jewellers, H.L Brown said, "The move is very good news for retailers like us. Mixed metal goods supplied by importers and designers can now be hallmarked and correctly described whereas in the past we could not describe an article truthfully without committing an offence. Hallmarks add valuable reassurance and credibility as well as reduce the chances of fraud."

Michael Frampton, Chairman of Sheffield jewellers,  H.L Brown & Son Ltd. presenting an 18 carat Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel Rolex Watch to be assayed and laser hallmarked by Sheffield Assay Office.

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