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Meet the team – our dynamic Italian duo

30 Sep 2014

Laura- Milan office  Desiree- Milan office 

Meet the team – our dynamic Italian duo

We’re extremely proud of the team we have in our recently established sub-office in Milan.

Laura Corfini is our Assistant Production Manager who joined us in April. She studied at the Art Academy in Milan and has a degree in art conservation and restoration. Laura previously worked as a goldsmith for a company in the watch industry and has a real passion for working with high quality design and art jewellery.

 At SAO, Laura’s job combines a wide variety of tasks, including checking and processing all incoming boxes shipped by our clients, organising the jewellery on trays, working at the XRF or the laser, and helping find an appropriate place to mark. Her main role is to act as a bridge between the English and Italian sides of the company.

“I love my team here – they are a great support and I trust them,” says Laura. “My job is unique – there’s nothing like it in all of Italy and I’m thankful every day to the Assay Master for giving me this opportunity to control the quality of such high quality art jewellery.”

Laura is a seasoned traveller. Born in Australia, she has visited Thailand and Malaysia searching for rare orchids. Although nowadays she prefers to stay closer to home at the Italian seaside with her family and look for fish with her son, she still has a hankering for travel. “My number one bucket list item would be to travel America on my Ducati Monster motorbike,” she says.

Desiree Pitingolo is our Laser Marking Technician who joined us in May. She studied for four years for a qualification in jewellery and the art of precious metals. Desiree’s role involves a lot of work with lasers hallmarking the precious jewels. She is also being trained to use the XRF and make up new marks for new customers.

Her favourite moment in the job so far was when she created her first mark. “Although I thought it was going to be hard to learn and understand how to use the program, I managed to create the new marks and I was very pleased with the results,” she says.

Although she is keen to travel all over the world, she has a particular interest in England and would like to visit and learn English. Her ultimate aim is to open her own goldsmiths’ workshop.

We welcome both Laura and Desiree to SAO and hope that they continue to enjoy their work as they gain experience and settle into their new roles.

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