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Silver commission shines again once more

20 Nov 2015


Millennium Punch bowl 1 Millennium Punch bowl 2 Millennium Punch bowl 3

Sheffield Assay Office is delighted to announce the wonderful Millennium punch bowl and cups are now back on display in the recently refurbished Metalwork Gallery, Millennium Galleries run by Museums Sheffield. 

Curators’ Emma Paragreen and Clare Starkie were joined by designer makers Alex Brogden, Brett Payne, Chris Knight and Keith Tyssen on Thursday to polish the objects and set up this wonderful commission from the Sheffield Assay Office silver collection. 

The piece had been commissioned in 1999, its purpose to celebrate the Millennium year and the opening of the new Millennium Galleries in Sheffield in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

The commission comprises of a punch bowl, a plank of silver leading to a ladle, surrounding the punch bowl are 2000 jacks and 12 punch cups. Each cup has been designed and made by renowned designer makers’ Alex Brogden, Brett Payne, Chris Knight, Keith Tyssen, Andreas Fabian, Michael Rowe, Simone ten Hompel, Cameron Maxfield, Rebecca de Quin, Hiroshi Suzuki, Maria Hanson and Katey Felton. The commission recognises the current strength of silversmithing in Britain, whose leading practitioners are based all around the country with particular concentrations of individuals in Sheffield.

If you have not already seen the piece it is certainly worth a visit.   


Image caption / Copyright Sheffield Assay Office

The Millennium Punch Bowl, Sterling silver, gilt interior, 2000

Designed and made by Alex Brogden, Chris Knight, Brett Payne and Keith TyssenCommissioned by and on loan to Museums Sheffield from the Sheffield Assay Office 


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