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Spencer Batiste retires from being a Guardian after over 40 years’ service

23 Oct 2015

Spencer Batiste

On Friday 23rd October, Spencer Batiste retired from his position as a Guardian of the Sheffield Assay Office after over 40 years’ loyal service. 

Spencer was appointed as a Law Clerk in 1974, succeeding Sir Douglas Branson. He was appointed as a Guardian for Sheffield Assay Office in July 1979 and took a place on the Executive Committee in 1982  

He stood down from the Executive Committee in 2001 to take up a position as an immigration adjudicator for the Immigration Appellate Authority and later was chairman of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal which later became the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.  

During his 41 years of involvement with the Assay Office he has been the MP for Elmnet from 1983– 1997; saw the Hallmarking Act as we know it today becoming Law; witnessed The British Hallmarking Council being established and was a very active member of it. In the same year the International Convention was created, having just celebrated its 40th Anniversary in London recently.  

Spencer was very instrumental in fighting off the Draft Directive in the early 1990s, calling on all his contacts in Westminster, including Michael Heseltine and Leon Brittan.   

In his role as Guardian he has supported 6 Chairman and 2 Assay Masters and he has been an excellent ambassador for the Assay Office.  

To mark the occasion of his retirement, Chris Heaton, Chairman of the Executive presented Spencer (a keen goblet collector) with a “Wee Dram” Tumbler Cup, made by leading Sheffield Silversmith Chris Perry, as a small token of our appreciation of his services over the past 40 years.  

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