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Your customer service exceeds anything I've experienced in 18 years

19 Jul 2019

Compare the Diamond - customer of Sheffield Assay Office

Customer feedback is always very welcome here at Sheffield Assay Office, so we were particularly delighted to receive the following effusive praise from Luke Billing of

"I wanted to email you to express how delighted I am with your team's extra service.

We had a parcel sent to you on Wednesday via Royal Mail but it didn’t arrive with you until today. One of the rings inside the parcel was for a client that is leaving for Monaco tonight to propose whilst away (he left it late!). Our client is due to pick up the ring from us this afternoon.

After chatting to Andy in progress, he acted instantly and had the ring in his hand and said it would be marked by 2pm. Brilliant!

We were then going to arrange a bike to collect it but after speaking to our delightful client he just so happened to be just north of Sheffield, so would be passing you on route to us. Another quick call to Andy and arranged for our client to pick the ring mount up from you (with passport ID and at our risk), and bring it to us.

I emailed progress with all his contact details and told my client to get to you for 2pm. I then received a reply form Chloe asking me to tell my client to ask for her at the counter. Then to my surprise I got another email form Chloe an hour later saying my client had collected the ring.

The client sat with my setter watching his ring being made and has just left with a huge smile on his face! If only all service in our trade was as slick as this. This exceeds everything I have experienced in 18 years in the trade.

The jewellery trade is slow at the moment as we all know and for our key supplier and client to work with us like this is simply amazing.

This is an £8k sale. Your team didn’t even know the value, it could have been £500, but they acted like I was the only client you have.

Hats off to Chloe and Andy. Absolutely amazing and they deserve a huge pat on the back!"

Thank you Luke - Andy and Chloe were certainly congratulated on their outstanding customer service. We hope the lady said yes!

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