The Palladium Hallmark became compulsory on the 1st January 2010

  • Prior to the 1st January 2009 there had been a voluntary mark from July 2009.
  • From 1st January 2010 hallmarking became a compulsory legal requirement for all Palladium articles weighing over 1 gram.
  • The recognised fineness standards are 500, 950, 999.

Change to the Fineness mark shape

  • There is no quick acid test available to identify Palladium.
  • As with Platinum the most popular fineness is 950 and the trade has expressed so much concern that the two metals will be confused that the four UK Assay Offices have taken the unprecedented step of changing the original fineness mark to make it more distinguishable.
  • The first shape was a trapezium, clearly different from Platinum when perfect but with potential to be reduced to fainter straight lines as the hallmark becomes worn. After many key businesses voiced their worries the outline has been amended to three adjoining circles, so all lines are curved.
  • The new shape was introduced in January 2010 when the mark became compulsory but the trapezium will remain legal and there is no need to re hallmark [Description:].



New Dealers' Notice

  • Under the Hallmarking Act 1973, every person "dealing" in precious metal is legally required to display the statutory Dealers Notice, this has been redesigned to include Palladium.
  • A new statutory "Dealers Notice" which all those dealing in precious metals are legally required to display is available from the Assay Offices from January 2010, clearly showing both versions of the Palladium mark.
  • The new version is available as a free download from any of the Assay Office websites, and high quality printed versions are also available. For those requiring large quantities of notices the artwork is available for retailers to produce their own signs.
  • The Dealers Notice features strongly an image of a hallmark including the three compulsory symbols. In recognition of the regional and national bias of some jewellery and precious metal articles and retailers, which is integral to their branding, The Notice appears in four different versions, according to whether a mark from Birmingham, Edinburgh, London or Sheffield is deemed more appropriate.

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