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Laser marking at Sheffield Assay Office is an area of ongoing development which has opened up some interesting and innovative applications for this process.

Laser marking is widely used for marking traditional, standard hallmarks onto precious metal but it also an ideal process for clearly and accurately marking a range of logos, signatures and serial numbers for decorative, promotional or engineering and industrial purposes. The Sheffield Assay Office Laser Development Department has the knowledge, skills and laser equipment to engrave, cut and mark a variety of materials and offers a comprehensive service which is used by a range of clients in many different businesses and industries.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Materials that can be marked include:

Precious Metal, Leather, Glass, Painted or Coated Metals, Ceramics, Cloth, Marble, Melamine, Paper, Press board, Aluminum, Rubber, Fibreglass, Wood, Veneers, Stainless Steel, Tiles, Cork, Slate.

Typical applications include the application of logos or trademarks, identification or security marks and inscriptions, instrument controls or control panels where coatings or laminates can be removed to reveal other layers – often translucent for back-illumination.

Laser Capacity

One of the strengths of Sheffield Assay Office is the range of laser types at our facility. There are different ways that the lasers can be used - to remove material, to cut through material or to change its form so that a mark is visible, but nothing is removed.

YAG 100Watt - FOBA LASA FK15
These machines use a lamp pump, will mark almost any material and can apply quite a deep mark.

YAG 50Watt - diode laser will mark almost any material. A camera is used for lining up the workpieces. The diode makes it much more controllable than the 100W version and they are almost as powerful.

CO2 25Watt
Used for marking wood and non metallic materials. Capacity includes a CO2 K which can be also used to mark glass.

HK YAG 100Watt
These are lasers that are used to strike skeletal marks, e.g. the hallmarking of precious metal items.

Our service

We can perform trials and simple tests for quick evaluations of product feasibility.

Laser marking is cost effective for one-offs and prototypes, allowing small quantities to be produced without the need for expensive tooling or volume production. We accept drawings via email in popular formats such as: dxf, dwg ai, cdr, jpeg, bitmap or pdf. Alternatively we can scan pictures and information from letterheads or digitally capture images.

We have expertise in the transfer of design from scanned image to computer graphic that can be programmed into the laser machines.

A skilled technician ensures that the lasers are correctly formatted and running smoothly before an operator takes over to processes the work. We will quote for designing a programme, and then arrive at optimum timings from which item charges will be determined.

Presentation business cards

A popular application for laser marking is 'presentation' business cards, which can be given as a unique gift or a prestigious token of your business.

Technical queries :–

Laser Development Department

T: 0114 231 2121

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