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Hallmarking Act 1973

Assay Note

Hallmarking Guidance Notes

Laser Hallmarking Information Sheet

Laser Engraving Request Form

Mixed Metal Information Sheet

Sponsor Mark Registration Form

Dealer's Notice A

Dealer's Notice B 

Dealer's Notice B (Video)

One Hour Hallmarking Information Sheet

Hallmarking Price List

Queen's Jubilee Retailer Graphics Toolkit


Analytical Services

UKAS Schedule of Accreditation 

Cadmium Testing Fact Sheet

Crystal Lead Testing Fact Sheet

Minerals, Environmental & Healthcare Fact sheet

Lead Testing Fact Sheet

Mercury Screening Fact Sheet

Nickel Testing Fact Sheet

Steel Testing Fact Sheet

Precious Metal Analysis Fact Sheet

Analytical Services for Trading Standards Information Sheet

Analysis Request Form (General)

Analysis Request Form (Precious Metals)

Analysis Request Form (XRF Plating)

Analysis Request Form (Stones Recovery)

Assay Note (Valuable metals as scrap)



Assay Note (MyScrapJewellery)


Terms & Conditions

Hallmarking Terms & Conditions

Carriage Terms & Conditions

Analytical Services Terms & Conditions


Contractors and Visitors Info

Contractors and Visitors leaflet



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Financial Statements

Pension Plan - Chair's Statement

Pension Plan - Statement of Investment Principles

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