Handcrafted from vintage or antique hallmarked solid silver spoons dating from the 1700s to the 1960s, each of our pieces is lovingly handcrafted at our workshop in North Wales.

Jaspersparkle silver spoon rings each have their original historic hallmark visible, we are very proud to be able to give the silver spoons a new lease of life, honouring tradition and giving the customer a unique handmade piece.

Each item is then authorised by the Sheffield Assay Office to ensure we are working to the requirements of the Hallmarking Act.

We have submitted over 250 unique articles to the Sheffield Assay Office this year, for Change of Use authorisation. Thank you so much for your efforts this year. The latest batch of silver and certificates arrived this morning and we're so pleased with the work. Thank you, it's lovely to have the hallmarks identified and even the weight added to the certificates.

Ann Arkle

Sheffield Assay Office has been a great support for us in recent weeks and the staff at your facility have been very collaborative and a pleasure to deal with as usual.

We are re-launching a key product range to our business, Calgitrol(r), which is a medical device product used in the treatment of chronic wounds for very ill patients. Through the re-launch of this product range we have to re-validate the processes of which there are 3 product categories Askina(r) Calgitrol(r) Ag, Askina(r) Calgitrol(r) THIN and Askina(r) Calgitrol(r) Paste.

The key advantage of the product range in the marketplace is it's ionic silver alginate matrix which provides for broad anti-microbial effectiveness and helps prevent contamination from external bacteria.

To this end how Sheffield Assay support us is in testing our products for levels of a key ingredient, silver, in our manufacturing processes. With your prompt turnaround on testing it has supported us in completing process validations and initiating sterilization validations (3 batches of 51 samples per batch for all 3 products in the range). Meeting our site timelines further supports us in submissions for regulatory review.

We look forward to a continuation of a great working relationship and to keeping you busy in the coming months.

Mary Foye
B Braun Hospicare Limited

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