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Assay Master Awards Prizes at Sheffield Hallam University Final Show

Published: 13th June 2022

Sheffield Assay Office Master, Ashley Carson recently awarded prizes to three students from SHU's Jewellery, Materials and Design course - celebrating their final graduation projects.

SHU Degree Show Judges

The theme of the degree show was rituals and the exhibition showcased the students' graduation projects that explored the rituals of money, community, exploration, soothing, provocation, and more. The work produced challenged common preconceptions of jewellery and showcased complex qualities, aspects and distinctions. Many of the pieces also raised thought provoking ideas and asked the question; does jewellery need to be permanent?

Xinyi Li, Satur Chong and Ningru Chen (left to right below) were commended for contemporary jewellery practice, outstanding progression and new ways of making using digital technology.


Speaking of the show, Mr Ashley Carson said “The highlights for me have been the diversity and imagination used with relation to the theme 'ritual'. The overall finish and attention to detail on the work is also very impressive. I would also like to congratulate you all on the photography work, posters, film and overall quality of the degree show."

This is the 26th year that the Assay Master has awarded prizes and supported the degree programme, providing the students with an annual visit to the Sheffield Assay Office which we hope will resume in 2023. This year, Sheffield Assay Office also supplied silver to a number of students to make their final year degree show pieces and we continue to offer free hallmarking to all students who may require it.

Yijia He, one of the students on the course, said "Thank you so much for the Sheffield Assay Office’s support and recognition of my work! I made the "GOOD LUCK" ring using silver, which gives the piece a new meaning. The combination of 3D printing and handcrafting is a combination of the future and tradition, and the nature of silver gives my work a heavy feel, like the tools used in ancient ceremonies. By using silver in my work I feel the charm of traditional handcrafting and the unique quality of the metal, while my entire work is made in silver and can be hallmarked. The "GOOD LUCK" ring brings the ritual into everyday life by incorporating incense burning, breaking the boundaries of the venue and helping the wearer to calm down through different ways of wearing the piece, the smell of burning incense and the blessing of "GOOD LUCK" helps the wearer to relieve anxiety. The scent of burning incense and the 'GOOD LUCK' blessing help to relieve the wearer's anxiety."

Following the degree show, the students' work will be displayed at New Designer in London from 29th June – 2nd July.

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