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British Hallmarking Council Issues Guidance on Hallmarking of Partially Constructed Items

Published: 29th October 2021

The British Hallmarking Council has recently published new guidance pertaining to the hallmarking of partially constructed items.

Assay Offices can apply hallmarks to partially constructed items, providing certain conditions are met. These conditions are designed to ensure that the finished article complies with the Hallmarking Act.

The BHC’s guidance sets out the conditions:

  • The article must be sufficiently advanced in workmanship
  • If composed of one or more parts, all parts must be present: the guidance gives some examples of required components
  • The article must comply with Hallmarking Act conditions, eg as to fineness, to permit it to be hallmarked
  • If an article is submitted disassembled, it must be assembled using only the metal parts that were submitted with it.

In addition, the guidance reminds manufacturers that additions or alterations to hallmarked items may only be made with the written consent of an Assay Office. 

View the original press release and Guidance Notice here

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