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Sheffield Assay Office Supports Contemporary British Silversmiths 25th Anniversary Celebration

Published: 25th April 2022

Sheffield Assay Office were delighted to collaborate with Contemporary British Silversmiths, Argex and Edinburgh Assay Office to support the CBS' 25th Anniversary Celebration, The Industry Award.

The brief for The Industry Award was to design a piece of contemporary silver using up to 1kg of silver bullion, using the Contemporary Silversmiths’ 25th Anniversary and 'Celebration' as the theme and inspiration. The design was to be functional, sculptural or conceptual and could include other materials with silver. The judges were looking for innovation through design, judicious use of materials and a proposal that contributed to contemporary thinking in silver design.

The judges were not disappointed in the submissions they received and were delighted to award first prize to Alice Fry with the chased Geode Form. Runner up awards went to Iona Hall with her chased tea light and Naama Haneman’s milk and sugar set.

Alice Fry - The Industry Award   

Alice received 1kg of silver bullion to realise the design with mentoring from one of CBS member to assist with production. The runner up prize winners each received 500g of silver bullion to produce designs with mentoring from one of the CBS members.

Assay Master, Ashley Carson said; "I liked all of the designs, the standard of which was excellent. Many congratulations to Alice, Iona and Naama and I am delighted to have supported emerging silversmiths through this collaborative industry competition."

James Dougall, Vice Chair of the Contemporary British Silversmiths said; "I would like to take this opportunity to once again express my thanks for all of the sponsors generous support of this award and know that such initiatives are key and vital in helping emerging makers gain valuable experience of working with experienced silversmiths to learn more of their craft and assist them in learning to work on a scale that otherwise might be denied to them."

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