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Showcasing the Special Knives of Sheffield

Published: 22nd January 2024

Showcasing the Special Knives of Sheffield

Way back in July 2023, The Hawley Tool Collection filmed a series of knives, featuring pieces from their own collection as well as items on loan from Sheffield Museums Trust and Sheffield Assay Office. One special knife included in the filming was the Year Knife, created back in 1821 by Joseph Rodgers & Sons for their showroom on Norfolk Street, it features an impressive 2,000 blades.

Over the next few weeks, the films will be available to view on the Ken Hawley Collections Trust YouTube channel. One focuses solely on the Year knife, one on knives made by Joseph Rodgers and the remaining two show the wide variety of folding knives made in Sheffield.  Many of which had passed through the Sheffield Assay Office.

Sheffield Assay Office were delighted to loan several knives from the collection to be filmed. There are many examples of hallmarks on the scales and the blades, as well as a couple of special hallmarks on the Year knife, marking the Millenium and the late Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.

Speaking of the 'Sheffield Treasures' project, Librarian and Archivist, Emma Paragreen said; "It has been a privilege to work with the Hawley Collection this has involved dismantling and cleaning the Year Knife and bringing the hallmarking blades back to their former glory, filming it and sharing its long history with others is wonderful."

Judith Smith, Project Co-ordinator of Sheffield Treasure: Celebrating 200 years of excellence in cutlery making said; "In due course the year knife will be reinstated in the Hawley Gallery, Kelham Island Museum so that everyone can see it in its full glory."

The Year knife film is now available to watch and a further three will follow at weekly intervals. 

Click here to watch

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