In it’s simplest form you will receive a general report with a pass/natural comment marked on the paperwork which is sent back with your parcel to confirm that all stones have been individually tested and you can sell your goods with confidence.  Nothing was referred throughout the process. 

Should there be any issues with stones then you will be contacted to inform you.  The stones in question will be clearly marked when you receive them.

If you would like a statement to confirm that all pieces within a parcel have been checked and are natural, this can be prepared.  This will not have the specific item reference on however can be used to sit with your paperwork as confirmation.  This can be done in the format of a spreadsheet, on your own paperwork or please contact us if you would like to receive this in a different format.

You are also able to choose either of the following options dependent on your preference and reason for use.

A5 report for retailer use

This report, in A5 format, will have an image of the product, a reference number and an SAO reference number.  It will refer back to the parcel being sent in and returned as a parcel.  This would generally be used to verify your stocks and ensure that you are confident when selling the product. 

A6 laminated report to present to the consumer

This report would be to use as part of your selling assets.  You will receive a laminated A6 report with each item of jewellery confirming that all the stones are natural (no synthetics detected).  This will give confidence to both you and your customer as the report remains with the item of jewellery and is specific to that item.  This would include a photograph of the piece, an item reference number and description, and an SAO reference number so it is always traceable.

For more information about our Diamond Verification Services, please email or call us direct on 0114 231 2121.

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