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Strengthening Jewellery Design Education Links within the City of Sheffield

Published: 27th April 2023

Strengthening Jewellery Design Education Links within the City of Sheffield

Last year, following our announcement that Lucy Quartermaine would now be using Sheffield Assay Office for all their hallmarking, we were also able to organise a visit for the Lucy Quartermaine team to Sheffield Hallam University.

The Assay Office has a very strong relationship with Sheffield Hallam University and the jewellery courses they offer, and we were delighted when Lucy herself agreed to present at the event.

Award Winning Designer, Lucy Quartermaine, Chooses Sheffield Assay Office

Lucy, a former student at Sheffield Hallam University fully understands how difficult things can be once you have graduated; she has been working with some of the students ever since. 

On Monday the 24th of April she attended a follow up session at the University and said, “It was so fun to head back to Sheffield Hallam University and help out the students yesterday!  Being a graduate of the university and a jewellery designer, it was a total thrill to share my insights, experiences and knowledge with the up and coming talents.  I had a blast chatting with the students, giving them guidance and inspiration, and seeing their creativity and passion in action”.

Lucy Quartermaine at Sheffield Hallam University

Assay Master, Ashley Carson commented, “how great it is to see the collaborations that we are forming with customers and partners to continue to develop the skills across the industry.   Working with the university and being involved enables us to ensure that we are bringing skills into the city which we feel is extremely important to the community”.

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