Enquiry and Research Service

How to use the Research Service

For those unable to visit the library we can undertake research on your behalf based on records that we hold within the library and archives.

Contact us, by phone, email, or by completing the enquiry form on the website outlining the information you need and when you need it.We will then contact you, usually by telephone, to discuss how we can help you and offer a quote, or agree a price limit and agree a deadline for delivery.On receipt of confirmation, by email or letter we will start commence work for you.Results will be supplied in the format you specify.

Personal Visits

People who wish to undertake their own research are very welcome to visit the library to use the resources personally. Appointments are necessary, especially if you intend to use any item from our archives.

Visits by societies £50 for one hour, maximum of six people.
Visits for commercial purposes £50 per hour, maximum of two hours per session
Visit by academics researchers and collectors £30 per hour, or part thereof, maximum of two hours per session.
Research Service Identification of a hallmark - £10.00 per item
1/2 hour of research time undertaken by our Librarian / Curator - £15.00
1 hour of research time undertaken by our Librarian / Curator - £30.00
Accessing files from the strong room charged at £2.00 per file/book



Customers may use the research facilities in the library under supervision and are able to make notes. However, due to the copyright law, we cannot provide photocopies.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and agree a method of payment.

When you place and order with our Enquiry and Research Service you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of our Research Service. Please click here to view full Terms & Conditions Research.

Telephone + 44 (0) 114 231 2121

email: info@assayoffice.co.uk

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Enquiry and Research Service

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