Hallmarking Charges

The following charges are payable for gold, silver, platinum and palladium articles brought or sent to the Sheffield Assay Office for assay and hallmarking.

Platinum / Gold / Palladium

Bracelets, Chains & Necklets

Under 5g
Over 5g
Over 20g
Earrings Each 46p
Rings Each 58p

Other Articles

Under 20g 60p
Second Hand Articles Each £7.00
Minimum Parcel Charge   £20.00


Bracelets, Chains & Necklets

Filled Electroforms/
Under 15g
Over 15g


Clad Glass
Under 20g
Over 20g
+2p per gram
Rings Each 58p
Other Articles

Under 20g

Over 20g per gram 



Second Hand Articles Each £7.00
Minimum Parcel Charge   £20.00

All charges subject to VAT.

N.B. A standing charge of £3.80 will be added to the price of all gold, platinum & palladium parcels other than those charged at the minimum charge.

Non-Statutory Hallmarking Services

Additional Service Charges for 2019

Spread Marks, Staggered Marks & Large Marks £2.50 per article 

Sponsor's Marks

35p per article

Additional Voluntary Marks

35p per article

International Convention.
Articles submitted for assay and marking with a British and a Convention hallmark will be charged as above...

Plus 35p per article
Early Hall Service (guaranteed same day)... Plus 50%
Articles assayed and found not of standard quality are charged as articles assayed and marked.  
Return postage, registration, rail or road charges, etc are extra.  

Goods per submitted directly from an airport will be charged an administration fee of...

£30 per parcel

One Hour Service

Minimum charge of £50 or £10 per article with maximum of 12 articles per consignment.

Does not include Second Hand Articles. 

Valuation day charges

Hallmarking and valuation package: £100 per item

Methods of Payment

The Assay Office prices are based on cash, cheque and debit card payments. We may apply a charge for other payment methods.

Handling Charges

Articles submitted in individual bags or required additional handling will be charged at an additional rate of...  40p per article
Articles submitted in a form necessitating excessive sorting, unwrapping or unpacking will be charged at double the item price  

Laser Marking

Skeletal Laser marks normal price list plus 40p per item 

Deep Lasermarking by quotation

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