Minerals, Environmental & Healthcare

With more than 240 years of experience in upholding the Hallmarking Act with accurate and reliable precious metal assay, Sheffield Assay Office has built a reputation for expertise, confidentiality and independence.

The precious metals testing undertaken by the Assay Office has naturally developed into a wide range of analytical services, including the broad range of products and materials that are currently assessed for the medical industry.

Analytical Services is respected worldwide because of accredited quality standards, excellent service and total confidentiality.

The stringent regulatory requirements on healthcare products and their manufacturing processes through FDA Quality System Regulation underpin the development of services to this sector.

Examination of the protocols, service and performance through client audit and assessment, whilst retaining individual confidentiality, are an integral part of this business.

There are many reasons why metals are analysed in healthcare, for example:-

  • Deliberate additions
  • Toxic element identification
  • Product development
  • Batch analysis for trace elements
  • Verification of materials specification
  • Research projects
  • GAMP

Each business has individual needs designed to meet regulatory requirements and product specification. Analytical Services will meet these needs, and the expertise is available to develop the most appropriate testing techniques for your business.

Flexible working arrangements are available, where appropriate, to ensure that results are received according to the client's requirements. For example, sample collection and delivery and working 'out of hours' to ensure any manufacturing equipment downtime is limited.

Fees are competitive and are discussed and agreed individually according to the requirements of the project.

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Minerals, Environmental & Healthcare

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