Jewellery Testing

In addition to our nickel testing, other services provided by the Sheffield Assay Office’s Analytical Services are in demand across the UK. We provide a range of tests which apply to jewellery and include many other products, such as gifts, accessories and even children's toys.

Lead & Cadmium Testing

LEAD - Sheffield Assay Office‘s Analytical Services are approved by US CPSC for the testing of Lead in surface coatings and metal substrates.

From August 2009 US federal law limits the content of Lead in an item to 300ppm (0.03%) and from August 2011 this reduced to 100ppm (0.01%).

The surface coating limit is currently 90ppm (0.009%).

CUSTOMER NOTICE: Changes to Lead Testing came into effect in October 2013. For your information we have put together a fact sheet. Download our Lead Fact Sheet

CADMIUMEU legislation and its REACH Directive came in to force on the 10th of December 2011. The regulation restricts the levels of cadmium in jewellery to 0.01% (100 mg/kg) by weight of the metal, this applies to:

  • Metal beads
  • Metal components in jewellery
  • Metal parts of jewellery (including fashion jewellery)
  • Hair accessorise
  • Plastic materials

The regulation also states that cadmium levels in paints and enamels need to be 0.1% (1000mg/kg) by weight or less.

For further information on Cadmium Testing download our fact sheet.

Plating Thickness and Composition

XRF measurements are available for verifying the thickness and composition of plated layers. This is required to establish plating specifications, for example:-

  • Layer thicknesses
  • Composition
  • Material Conformity

Physical Testing

A range of Physical Tests is now available from Sheffield Assay Office Analytical Services. As these are likely to be tailored specifically to your products please contact us to discuss your requirements.


In response to the demands of REACH and other International requirements Sheffield Assay Office Analytical Services has added Azo Dyes and Phthalates to the range of testing on offer.

Lead Crystal Glass

Lead crystal glass has many decorative applications. As part of the EU REACH legislation the lead in jewellery pieces and similar articles is restricted. Due to no suitable alternatives for the replacement of lead in lead crystal glass, exemptions apply since 9th October 2013. Analytical Services at the Sheffield Assay Office can help your company understand the legislation and remain compliant.

Download our Lead Crystal Fact Sheet for more detailed information.


The composition of packaging materials, and any possible tarnishing effect on the jewellery contained within the packaging, can be tested in our laboratory.

Due Diligence

Confidential advice is available to assist with the introduction of due Diligence Defence.

A Certificate of Conformity Scheme is available that includes Due Diligence Defence, purposive sampling and stock audits.

Further information is available from:

Telephone +44 (0)114 231 2121

Click here to download the Analytical Services application form.

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Jewellery Testing

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