Precious Metals Analysis

The Sheffield Assay Office has over 240 years of experience in the testing, analysis and hallmarking of precious metal items.

Our Analytical Services, with over 40 years of UKAS accreditation (0012), uses this longstanding expertise to provide the foundation for accurate precious metals analysis.

Skillfully combining traditional methods with modern instrumentation and techniques, we provide a reliable melt and assay service.

These services are of paramount importance to manufacturers, for the control of quality at every stage; from raw material through work-in-progress, to life-expired articles or scrap.

Mixed parcels of scrap being traded are difficult to evaluate and consequently carry an element of risk to both parties.

Sheffield Analytical Services' melt & assay service addresses this problem, through production of a stamped homogeneous and assayed bar from the mixed precious metal parcel.

The accompanying certificate gives the bar a unique identity by recording its precise content and weight, thus permitting subsequent sale or purchase with peace of mind.

UKAS accreditation

Independent and accurate service

Traditional methods and modern instrumentation (ICP-OES, AAS and XRF)

Precise composition of a sample

Assayed bar for client's disposal

We would be pleased to discuss any specific requirements you may have in the precious metals sector, or explain the most appropriate method of analysis for Platinum, Gold, Silver or combinations of these elements.

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Telephone: +44 (0)114 231 2121

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Precious Metals Analysis

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