Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy 

Sheffield Assay Office is committed to controlling its activities to ensure good health and safety of all employees, customers and the general public. Responsibility for Health & Safety is ranked equally with that for development, production, sales and finance.
The key objectives of the policy are:

· To promote good standards of Safety, Health & Welfare that fully comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act, and all relevant statutory provisions and approved codes of practice.
· To develop good standards of health and safety awareness and individual responsibility for health and safety issues amongst employees at all levels.
· To encourage full and effective co-operation and consultation on health and safety.
· To provide all employees with the information, instruction, training and supervision that they need to work safely and effectively.
· To maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees with suitable facilities and arrangements for their welfare.
· To prevent nuisance to the community and avoid damage to the environment.
· To achieve continual improvement in both the management and performance of occupational health and safety.

This policy will be regularly monitored to ensure that the objectives are achieved. It will be reviewed annually and if necessary revised in the light of legislative, operational or organisational changes.

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