The Guardians of the Standard of Wrought Plate

The Guardians of the Standard of Wrought Plate is a body of 30 people created by an Act of Parliament in 1773 The Guardian's duties where primarily to choose four Wardens to oversee the daily running of the Sheffield Assay Office.

The Guardians were a diverse group of people from across religious, political and social barriers, some being business rivals and some related by blood and marriage, but all with a common uniting aim being a desire to set up an Assay Office so that the silver industry could expand in Sheffield. Originally all local people, the number of silversmiths on the body was limited to nine, to avoid them being able to exert any undue influence.

Many of the original Guardians were known to each other through their involvement in other concerns. For example The Town Trustees, The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, The Silver Platers' Trade Association and other related organisations.

Today, there are still 30 Guardians assisting the Assay Master, who meet twice a year in April and October. The Guardians advise on different areas of the business, providing valuable information relating to bullion, prices, law, trading standards, enforcement etc.

The current Sheffield Assay Office Guardians include:

Mr Peter Broadbent  Non - Trade
Mr Duncan Campbell Enforcement
Mr Richard Carr Trade
Mr Guy Lightowler Trade
Ms Helen Dimmick Trade
Mr Nick Dodd Non - Trade
Professor Roger Eccleston Non - Trade
Mr James Frampton Trade
Ms Emma Paragreen Non - Trade
Mr Brett Payne Trade
Mr Chris Heaton Non - Trade
Canon Keith Farrow Non - Trade
Mr Chris Knight Trade
Ms Joanne Leach Trade
Mr Suneel Babber Trade
Mr Craig McKay Non - Trade
Mr Corin Mellor Trade
Mr John Mothersole Non – Trade
Mr Lucas Rootman No - Trade/ Enforcement
Mr Matthew Sibley Enforcement
Mrs Kim Streets Non - Trade
Ms Jackie Tear  Trade
Mr Charles Turner Non - Trade
Professor Gill Valentine Non - Trade
Ms Colette Bishop (Staff Guardian) SAO Staff Rep
Ms Cheryl Foster (Staff Guardian) SAO Staff Rep
Mr Ed Thomas Non - Trade
Ms Vicky Clarke Brown Non - Trade
Mrs Bookey Oshin Non - Trade
Mr Howard Freeman Non - Trade
Mr Christopher Brzozowski Non - Trade
Executive Committee  
Mr Charles Turner (Chairman)   Non - Trade
Mr Chris Heaton Non - Trade
Mrs Bookey Oshin Non - Trade
Mr Matthew Sibley (Law Clerk) Enforcement
Mr Ed Thomas Non - Trade
Ms Jackie Tear Trade

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